Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glowing skin


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  3. i have the same problem! if the stuff above doesn't work, you may be like me... i don't respond to any sort of "drying out" my skin or acne medication prescribed by a dermatologist (i've tried a bunch of stuff, but it's all got pretty much the same ingredients--"salicylic acid" and "benzoyl peroxide" both are pretty harsh and dry up my skin without clearing my zits at all). these ingredients are found in mostly ALL the acne treatments, even proactive... either 1 or both is in 99% of acne products/systems i've seen. putting on creams, gels, masks, spot treatments, etc. has never helped me at ALL. toner is even worse--it dries out my skin so much that 1 use will peel off my whole face for a week. my skin isn't ridiculously sensitive, i never burn when tanning or anything, it just responds differently to products. these acne medications just overdry my skin, and when this happens it gets irritated, which causes more breakouts.

    for the average person, getting a good acne system with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer should work. a spot treatment can also help. look for those with both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid somewhere in the system, because these can really work for a lot of people. the "neutrogena wave" is an awesome cleanser, i used to use it with the special "pads" but they have a lot of fragrance and acne medication so now i just rinse out all the stuff from the pads and use it with water or my own gentler cleanser. either way, it's a good way to clear and soften your skin, and it helps a lot with blackheads and that "glowing" look. but to offer an alternative tip if acne medication doesn't work for you... do the usual things, like drinking lots of water, taking vitamins, gently washing off your makeup and making sure your skin is always moisturized (i always use a moisturizer that says it's "noncomedogenic," that is, it won't cause any more acne... a lot of lotions, even for the face and especially with sunscreen, have oil which will make you break out worse). in addition to those things, though, work from "the inside out." this is the only thing that has worked to clear up my skin. try a mild version of a body detox... stop eating processed stuff & chemicals that are in a lot of premade foods, and avoid meat, for a couple of weeks. in addition to this--if you can obtain it--get a form of hormone control. i don't mean taking straight up estrogen pills, because those can be a bad idea in the long-run. but i just started taking birth control about a month and a half ago and it's the only thing that has ever worked to clear up my skin. i hardly ever break out anymore and when i do it's a mild one around my period or when i'm pmsing (the week before). if you can get this, it's totally worth it. it works by helping to balance the excess hormones that you produce as a teen, which cause stress, oil production, and therefore breakouts. good luck!

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